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Define learning units

Learning units (units of learning outcomes) are components of a qualification consisting of a coherent set of (knowledge, skills and) competencies that can be assessed and validated (ECVET definition, see European Parliament 2009). The units have to be structured comprehensively and logically and lending themselves to assessment. They may be weighted by means of credit points to reflect their significance in relation to other units and to the entire qualification. Units of learning outcomes can be specific to a single qualification or common to several qualifications (see also Download PDF-File www.ecvet-projects.eu)

Das Konzept der Lerneinheit 
Source: Abbildung aus Schöpf/Reglin (Band 61) S. 68
The basis for the determination of learning units is the occupational profile or national qualification, resp. the pertaining regulations and documents. A system of learning units should cover the corresponding occupational profile entirely.

The following aspects should be considered when defining units of learning outcomes:

For more detail, particularly in relation to the German VET system, see: Schöpf/Reglin 2012 (in German).