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Set up training plan

This page gives some indications to companies engaging in VET how to align the specifications of state curricula with their own requirements and resources and set up a practical training plan.

An in-company training plan has a content and a time structure. It consists of training units dealing with the learning objectives of the training course and a time schedule. The content structure has to cover all skills and competencies defined by the state curriculum for the relevant national qualification. They can be arranged along the lines of business or work processes (action fields) in training units defined and distinguished by learning outcomes.

The training plan states also which competencies will be imparted by means of work projects or team projects and what kind of machinery, tools or other equipment is to be used.

Parallel to designing a training plan your organisation will have to determine the necessary management procedures (assign trainers, recruit trainees etc.) and liaise with relevant authorities and partners to get recognition and co-operation for the programme.

The sequence of the training units has to take into consideration not only the specifications of the state curriculum but also the periods of compulsory school instruction, holidays and possibly, the trial period of the trainee.