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Select relevant national qualification/occupational profile(s) taking into account legal requirements

For your future trainees to be eligible for a national qualification, the competency-based training programme you want to create or adapt has to meet the standards of an occupational profile or national qualification.

Consequently you have to compare the skills requirements you want to address in your programme with relevant occupational profiles or the corresponding regulations valid in your country concerning national qualifications. You can get advice from the chambers or employers’federations.

The steps to take: Possibilities for adaption

Companies involved in VET under a dual system have to demonstrate their eligibility as a training place and the personal and professional aptitude of the trainers. In-company trainers generally have to sit an examination by the relevant chamber which also checks on the suitability of the company as a training environment.

Private training providers have to apply for recognition as „vocational school“ (Berufsfachschule) for their programme by the relevant authority to be allowed to prepare students for a national qualification.

The programmes have to be implemented and carried out according to the standards and regulations of the supervising authority.

The relevant legal documents for vocational training in Germany are listed here: (Download DOC-File, 16KB)