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Implement work-based learning

This section will give you information and assistance with the implementation of a CBVET programme from materials proven and tested in several international co-operation projects.

Quality indicators

The focus of work-based vocational training is to foster autonomous self-learning and working and problem-solving by using action-oriented learning and training methods. Work-based learning is integrated in real work and business processes. Learning, training and working are combined. Therefore learning and work assignments (referring to real word orders) based on the model of complete action (see “Theory of Action Regulation” Hacker 1978, 2005; Volpert 1974, 1992) are essential. During the training, the learners should be involved in real work and business processes and to be accompanied by a qualified team of trainers/coaches. The training processes (schedules) at the company and the vocational school are transparent for all parties involved. Responsibilities and communication rules are clearly defined. A well-balanced cooperation between learning venues is essential as well.

Key content

Instruments, tools, good practice

More instruments, tools and examples of good practice you will find in the German version