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Student diary/record book

While in some countries trainees are obliged to record their learning activities in a record book, increasingly students in any work-based learning setting are encouraged to use diaries throughout the duration of their learning experience. Maintaining a learning diary is a strategy to deepen learning, stimulate critical thinking, improve reflective practice and enable learners to value what they have learnt whilst in the company.

Student diaries enable learners to make sense of their learning by keeping a record of what they have learnt and by looking back on an experience or an event and being able to consider it critically. This is especially useful for learners who typically alternate between different learning environments. The student diary then represents a valuable tool that helps learners understand and integrate different learning components, linking theory and practice.

Student diaries can also be used as self-evaluation tool for the learner and for discussion with the teacher/trainer on possible improvements to the learning plan.