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The work-based learning plan

At the heart of a meaningful learning experience is an effective personalised learning plan. It is used as a planning tool that sets out the overall learning goals, learning outcomes and practical learning objectives of the programme the learner will take part in. The learning plan should clearly state how the learning outcomes are to be achieved, whilst recognising that objectives may need to be modified as the learning plan unfolds.

The personalised learning plan should not be considered as additional paperwork duplicating information that exists elsewhere, but should be used as an active tool that makes clear to the learner and the employer the nature of the learning proposed and undertaken. Personalised learning plans can also be used as part of a learners progress review, reflecting the growing capability of the learner. Any changes made should be agreed with the learner and where appropriate the employer and education provider.

Work-based learning plans should be owned and used by the learner as a record of learning goals and achievements and enabling learners to make the links between different components of learning. In addition, learners can use their learning plans to reflect on their experience and/or to design themselves their next learning steps. A learning plan will typically specify details of where and how the learning will take place together with details of the appropriate learning outcomes against which the learner must collect evidence of achievement over a period of time. The format and content of the learning plan should at least include details of: